Dun Dreamin Frenchies Puppy Health & Sales
Nikki Huiting
W8456 Dow Dam Rd
Amberg, WI 54114
(920) 851-4772

This agreement is between Nikki Huiting "Breeder" and _________________________________, "Buyer" for the purchase of one French Bulldog. No other agreement will be entered into.

Buyer Name(s): __________________________________________________________________
Phone(s): __________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________

Puppy Name: ______________ Color: ______________________
Sex: _________ Whelped on: ______________

Purchase price: $____________ paid by the Buyer to the Breeder. A non-refundable deposit of $____________ has been made on ____________. The balance of $____________ must be paid in full and this contract completed and signed by 8 weeks of age or pick up of puppy, whichever is sooner. If the balance cannot be paid by 8 weeks, the deposit is forfeited. In the event of a forfeiture Breeder will maintain ownership of the puppy and have the right to re-sell or make alternate arrangements for the placement of the puppy.

Final payment must be made in cash or money order. A personal check can only be used for final payment if the Breeder receives the check by 7 weeks of age.

Health and health guarantee:
Both parents have been 4 panel genetic health tested and are clear. Breeder has made every effort to provide you with a healthy puppy. We guarantee that all age appropriate vaccinations and deworming have been given as stated on the individual puppy's health record.

Breeder had this puppy's dewclaws removed by Dr. ____________________________ on ____________. A healthy puppy examination was performed by Dr. ____________________________ on ____________. This exam showed the puppy was healthy and ready to be weaned on ____________.

We require Buyer to have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 3 business days of taking possession of this puppy. If you choose to not have this exam within 3 business days, the health guarantee is null and void. If this puppy is found to have a life threatening hereditary congenital defect, the puppy must be returned to Breeder at Buyer's expense within 24 hours of the exam along with a signed document from the licensed veterinarian stating the defect or problem. In the event of return, the purchase price will be refunded OR a replacement puppy of the Breeder's choice will be given. It is the Breeder's choice of money refund or replacement puppy.

This guarantee does NOT cover cherry eye, ectropion, allergies, undescended testicles, umbilical hernia, dermatitis, or demodetic mange. Further, we do not guarantee against fleas, mites, coccidia, giardia or any other intestinal worms/parasites. These things can be contracted upon leaving our property and becomes the responsibility of Buyer. Breeder will NOT replace a puppy due to any form of injury, heat stroke, abuse/neglect, or improper socialization once transfer of ownership is made.

Buyer agrees that they have thoroughly researched the French Bulldog breed and understands the basic needs and common health issues associated with the breed. Buyer is responsible for all medical cost of their puppy.

Your puppy is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of birth against life threatening congenital defects. If within that time a life threatening congenital defect (not to include lymes, parvo, distemper, stress, heartworms or any nutrition related disease) is found by a licensed veterinarian, Breeder will replace the puppy with another puppy of same breed and quality or refund the original purchase price of the puppy, whichever the Breeder chooses. If a replacement puppy is chosen, Buyer may have to wait for the next available litter. For a refund of the purchase price or to receive a replacement puppy, Buyer must provide a written statement from a licensed veterinarian stating the defect. Breeder is not responsible for any bills or expenses acquired from any puppy. After the puppy's first birthday, the Breeder no longer guarantees against any health conditions.

In the unlikely event of the puppy's death the first year, a necropsy at Buyer's expense is required if Buyer believes the defect or problem is covered in this health agreement.

Ownership requirements: Buyer agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and properly train and care for it. Specifically, the dog will be properly licensed and vaccinated against rabies and other communicable diseases as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. Parasite control, including heartworm, and nail trimmings are extremely important to your puppy's health as well.

Breeder deworms puppies at 2 week intervals and adult dogs biannually in addition to mainting a heartworm prevention program. Nails are also trimmed every 2 weeks.

Right of recovery/replacement:
If, for whatever reason, Buyer cannot or does not wish to maintain custody of the dog (at any time during its lifetime), Breeder is to be notified immediately. The dog is not to be sold or placed anywhere without written consent from Breeder. Breeder will help assist in any placement of said dog/puppy. Breeder will always accept the dog/puppy back at no cost to Breeder. The desired goal is to make sure this puppy is well cared for and placed in a proper environment for its entire life.

Lost and found:
In the event this puppy, at any point in its life, is found at large or in posession of an animal shelter, veterinarian, rescue, or an individual and the Breeder is contacted via their permanent contact information attached to the puppy's microchip, the Breeder permanently retains the right to claim and take posession of the puppy immediately. The Breeder will make every attempt to contact the Buyer. The Breeder will care for the dog properly while in Breeder's posession. Any liabilities, expenses and fines associated with the puppy, whether incurred by the Breeder or owed to the entity which turned the puppy over to the Breeder are the responsibility of the Buyer. This measure is in place to keep the Dun Dreamin Frenchie puppies out of shelters and in a home. If the Buyer cannot be reached or refuses to claim the puppy from Breeder within 14 days, the Buyer agrees, per the signature on this contract, to relinquish all ownership rights to the Breeder.

Breeder provides incentive awards for proper training and use of each puppy. If Buyer provides proof of graduating an obedience class with the puppy stated in this contract at any point in its life, Buyer will receive a $25 award from Breeder.

Limitations of contract:
This contract applies to the original puppy and original Buyer only. This contract is designed to protect both Breeder and Buyer. By signing, all parties agree to all clauses of this contract.

Buyer: _________________________________________________________ Date: ____________

Buyer: _________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Breeder: ________________________________________________________ Date: ____________

Important reminder: Your puppy had one Canine Spectra5 vaccination at 6 weeks old on ____________. It's EXTREMELY important to follow up with all boosters at 3-4 week intervals. Please consult your veterinarian for the best vaccine and time to adminster. Please also continue parasite control and nail trimmings. Breeder will trim nails and administer vaccines and dewormer for the duration of the puppy's life if Buyer provides the vaccine and dewormer.