Meet Tika, our blue brindle. RETIRED and loving it!

Tika is 78.2% Frenchie and 21.8% English Bulldog

And this is Preya, our fawn harlequin merle

100% Frenchie (carries cream, blue and cocoa)

This is Tika's daughter, Xena, a blue brindle merle.

Xena is 85.8% Frenchie 14.2% English Bulldog

This is Lady Kyra, Preya's daughter, a blue and tan 100% Frenchie.

E Locus (MC1R)
Can have a melanistic mask (Eme)
K Locus (CBD103)
More likely to have a patterned haircoat (kyky)
Intensity Loci LINKAGE
Any light hair likely white or cream (Dilute Red Pigmentation)
A Locus (ASIP)
Black/Brown and tan coat color pattern (ata)
D Locus (MLPH)
Dark areas of hair and skin are lightened (dd)
Cocoa (HPS3)
One co allele, not expressed (Nco)
B Locus (TYRP1)
Black or gray hair and skin (BB)
Saddle Tan (RALY)
Likely saddle tan patterned (NI)
S Locus (MITF)
Likely solid colored, but may have small amounts of white (Ssp)
M Locus (PMEL)
No merle alleles (mm)
Likely no impact on coat pattern (rr)
H Locus (Harlequin)
No harlequin alleles (hh)

This is Princess Raya, Preya's daughter, a cocoa and tan harlequin merle 100% Frenchie. Born 8/16/2022.

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